Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phone Call Day -- One Year Later

One Year Ago today (13 October 2009) we sat by the phone waiting for THE call. The video camera was set up. The phone was fully charged.  And then. . .telemarketer, wrong number. . .and more waiting. Finally, on that rainy Tuesday morning, our agency called and we were parents. Poof, just like that! (As long as you don't count the 4 year wait.)


Today, Orli is eager to meet new people and curious to explore new places. She is speaking, singing, playing, and never sitting down for more than a minute or two.

Orli has a mind of her own. She is very certain about her likes and dislikes, her wants, and her "needs" (which are really her "wants"). She eats most anything that is offered. And, true to her Szechuan/Chongqing roots, she loves spicy food. Of course we were warned that girls from this region are "spicy" -- and she is!

Orli loves to perform. The bigger the crowd the better. And, if a microphone is handy, she is ready to grab it and take over.

We're still figuring out how to be parents, but Orli is already very settled in to being our little girl. She is happy, healthy, growing, and a blessing to our entire family.

Phone Call Day

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