Sunday, October 18, 2009

And the name is. . .

Orli Jia-Mei Riter

This morning we sent a letter which is being translated and brought to Orli Jiamei. The following is an excerpt:

We still must travel the world to meet you, and yet as we look at your picture and stare into your eyes, we already know you. You are our hopes and prayers of a decade. You are the light that has for so long been just a flicker; sometimes just beyond our grasp but most often as far as a distant star. We’re nervous and scared, we’re anxious, excited, and bursting with love for you and the light you will bring to our world.

We are honoring those who have cared for you for almost a year by calling you JiaMei. You will forever be connected with the land of your birth and the orphanage that nurtured you and protected you. We are also giving you the name Riter, our family name that ties you to generations of the Riter family, and symbolically as well to families Hirsch, Rubin, and Herman. This now is your family too. Finally, we give you the first name Orli. In Hebrew, this name means “my light”. You are our light.


  1. HOW AWESOME!!! I love meaningful names.

  2. Unbeliveaby sweet! What a beautiful and intrinsic name. Thank you for the intimate update.


  3. I love her name and I am so anxious for you two to become a family of three.

  4. We are looking forward to meeting Orli in person. She is a beautiful baby and we know she will bring you much joy. We empathize with you on the countdown as we remember the countdown when Meryl came home from Korea.
    We love you, Ellen & Howard

  5. A perfect name for your beautiful daughter. She has already brought so much light to our community... We all can't wait to see her light first hand and to witness as you guide her with love on her journey. What a lucky little girl Orli Jiamai Riter is...

  6. Mazel tov!! I'm so extremely happy for you that this day has come! After this long wait, you're being given the best gift of all! Congratulations! Orli Jiamai Riter is the most lucky child in the world right now! I can't wait to see the family of 3! Mazel tov! -Reid Esterson

  7. Orli is beautiful, how very exciting! We are anxious to hear more and to meet your sweet baby. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Ellen and Marc Malovany

  8. simply beautiful...happy tears for you rolling down my cheeks...

  9. A beautiful letter, for a beautiful child, with a beautiful name. Many years from now she will come to cherish the words you wrote to her. Wishing you a safe journey next week as you go to meet your new daughter. Sandi Sadikoff

  10. She's adorable. How lucky she is to have parents who already love her without meeting her. She's a lucky little girl.

    Thank you for sharing your letter to Orli. It'll be so special to her to know her parents wrote this before meeting her.

    With much love, and happiness for you all.



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