Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow! It is hard to believe we have been home for FOUR months now! Where has the time gone?! Well, we figured that a four month anniversary is as good an excuse as any to post to the ole blog, so here goes.

What has happened in the past three months? Well…

On February 11th we celebrated Orli’s first birthday! She had her requisite cake, which she enjoyed, and then destroyed. Then the clean-up crew took care of the mess.

We had all of our family in that weekend to celebrate Orli’s baby naming, when she officially received her Hebrew name, which happens to be the same as her English name. Orli was a complete ham (not so kosher) throughout the entire naming service, babbling non-stop, grabbing the microphone, and absolutely enjoying the laughing and awwwwwing response of the several hundred folks who came out to celebrate with us. The Gordons were so moved by her performance it prompted them to get her a microphone of her very own. ☺

Orli is a regular fixture at Ted’s work on Friday mornings, and she even has her own desk in his office.

She loves music—listening to, dancing to, and making her own! Here, she is enjoying the traditional Tupperware/wooden spoon kitchen instruments.

She also loves playing guitar with “Da-dy,” who has yet to hear himself be called that, despite the fact that many others have heard her say it in his absence. At least there are witnesses now who can vouch that it truly issues forth from her mouth!

She is taking very good care of Simon, offering him a portion of her food at every meal. A friend of ours has dubbed him “Big Boy,” and that he is. But luckily, the brutal Southern California weather is lightening up, and he is getting more frequent walks so he can try to gain back his girlish figure for bikini season.

And speaking of which, although it was quite cold on this day, here is a picture of Orli on her very first trip to the beach! She enjoyed dumping sand, the wind blowing against her face, and seeing all the dog-dog-dogs.

As for dog-dog-dog, it is her first real word (other than “yay”) and it is the first thing she says every morning upon waking, each time she arises from a nap, sometimes as she is getting ready for bed, and oh, about two dozen other times throughout the day. We hear “dog-dog-dog” so often now, that the other day when Corey was teaching her yoga class, she cracked herself up with a cue of “sink your heals down and back and find your down dog-dog…” catching herself before the final “dog” was added.

This week we celebrated Passover, and Orli got to experience the myriad of ways to eat matzah! Her favorite was a schmear of butter and a dip of honey.☺

She’s crawling all over the place, pulls up on pretty much anything she can grab a hold of, cruises from place to place, especially when tempted by the sight of a remote control, a telephone, or anything else with buttons. This week she started pulling up to standing and balancing without holding on to anything. As for holding on, I guess that is the advice for us. The ride is about to get a lot crazier as soon as this little girl starts walking around…

Thanks to everyone who keeps prompting us to update the blog and post pics. I think we’ve settled into a fairly good new-parent groove, and promise to blog with a bit more frequency.


  1. How we have missed you all!! I was just thinking that I need to say something on my blog and decided to check out yours. Orli!! Look how you have grown in four months. Just looking at your pictures put a huge smile on my face. Hugs to you guys. Chat soon!!

  2. GREAT to see such a nice big update on your lives with Orli!
    Terrific reading and wonderful pics!
    What a great family, and Simon looks well pleased with himself!

    Hannah Gerber

  3. Sounds like you have all been blessed-even the dieting dog-with a wonderful little soul in your home.

  4. how wonderful....Happy Mothers Day, Corey! Jessica Archambault

  5. Bummer I missed Orli's naming celebration. Glad to hear you are all having so much fun together! XOXO

  6. We just enjoyed a round of smiles and laughter reading the latest of updates of Orli and of Simon. You clearly are terrific parents and it is a joy to see Orli's happiness. We can't wait to meet her one day. All our love!


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