Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guangzhou Picture Day

Tuesday December 1

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary!  We got lots of good wishes from the other families in our group, and the common question was, "Would you have imagined that 18 years later you'd be in China doing this?"  In every way, shape and form, "this" would have been pretty hard to imagine.  :)

After our physical examinations yesterday, our guides collected all of our paperwork.  On our behalf, they filed everything with the US Consulate.  This morning we got the call--everything was acceptable in the eyes of the US government, and we received approval to bring Miss Orli HOME!

We taught Orli how to clap, and she actually knows how to do it at appropriate times.  This would be one of those times…Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will go to the Consulate with her and take "an oath."  We actually have no idea what we are promising, but we do know that at the end, we will have a visa for Orli so that we can board that plane in 3 days…  Have to say, we are definitely ready to get home.

After our call of congratulations, we convinced Orli to take her very first nap today!!!  This was big-time folks.  Girl just refuses to nap, unless she is in her carrier against one of our chests.  But today, it was actually fairly painless to get her to nap for a bit.  There is hope.

Unfortunately, we interrupted her nap to dress her up in her new Chinese silk outfit, and we headed downstairs for the infamous Red Couch photos.  We took pictures of just the babies, all lined up.  We took pictures of each family.  We took pictures of all the babies from our specific region, and then just the ones from our orphanage and town.  All together, it was a pretty hectic and hilarious hour.  I don't think there was a moment when at least one baby wasn't in total breakdown.  And yet, we did get some really cute photos.  :)

The rest of the day was very relaxed.  It was nice to have a day with not too much to do.  We are getting a bit run ragged, so we opted out an optional river cruise.  We're looking forward to an early bed time and a good, solid night's sleep.

We hope all of you are doing great.  We miss you all, and will see many of you very soon!

xo-c and t


  1. Your pictures are amazing! What a journey - thank you for sharing your beautiful family. Orli is adorable , with her smiles of contentment. She is a perfect fit! Safe travels!Happy Anniversary!

  2. and we miss you guys, too! We're counting the days 'till you get home so we can hug and smooch you all in person! We're so honored that we can share this experience with you, even in the virtual world. I still get chills thinking of you getting this wonderful life changing gift on your 18th anniversary! The symmetry of it all is amazing!
    Rikki, Madeline and Sophia

  3. Mazal Tov Rebbetzin and Rabbi Riter on your Chai!!! Anniversary. May your celebration never end...
    With boundless love and blessings to you and sweet Orli. (She's definitely not a STELLA! anymore.) :)
    18 xoxo's to you,
    Rebbetzin, RDF and RKs.

  4. Hello Orli, Corey, & Ted

    Picked up Simon today, he chased Ally for a minute when arriving at our home and then promptly went to take a nap. He is eagerly awaiting for the arrival of his family!


  5. Mazel Tov on your Chai Anniversary! What a wonderful anniversary gift you have. Hearing that Orli is not much of a nap taker reminds me of Meryl. She was also not much of a nap taker. She was afraid she would miss something and only liked to nap if you bounced her the way her foster mother did in Korea. Can't wait to kiss and hug you all in person.

  6. I was just thinking about the statement: life's journey must start with the first of a baby's step. You've gotten so far, and this is just the start of a complete change in both of your lives as well as the beginning of a new life for Orli. Enjoy and cherish the journey!

    Bob & Judy

  7. Mazel Tov, on this anniversary that is special in so many ways! What a journey! Looking forward to having you with us in person!

    Diane Darling

  8. Phyllis and I have so enjoyed your posts and especially the pictures of your beautiful family. We wish you both Mazal Tov on your Chai Anniversary and safe travel home.
    Aliza & Phyllis

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    How fitting that Orli comes into your life on this Chai Anniversary. The photos reveal the life she has injected in you both. You are glowing! Orli is glowing too! Who wants to kiss those yummy cheeks? I do!


  10. Hi Corey, Ted, and Orli...Congrats on your Chai anniversary! You both do not look old enough to have been married for 18 years! We hope that all 3 of you are enjoying your rough, but enjoyable travel back to the states! Aaron and I have really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures of the three of you. We especially love the family picture of the three of you...what a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing this joyous occasion with all of us...Aaron and I feel so special to be included in this event with you.

    Lots of Love,

    Genna and Aaron

  11. Tonight at Mussar class we discussed gratitude. One of the questions was the describe a difficult situation in the past and how it translated into gratitude in the here and now. Your story is such a beautiful example. All the waiting and all the pain and now Orli. WOW -- she is truly gratitude in the flesh. Howard and I are just overjoyed for everything you are experiencing and for the life you will begin when you get home. We can't wait to meet her. Safe travels and much love. Christy

  12. It gives us so much joy to see the happiness on all three of your faces! We are glad that you will be home soon and can settle in and we are so looking forward to meeting Orli. Have a safe trip home. The Gordons

  13. Hi Ted and Corey,
    We are so happy for you in every way! Couldn't be more perfect to celebrate 18 years of life together with your beautiful daughter. Orli is so lucky to have you for parents. We are looking forward to having you home and giving you big hugs!
    Aileen, Marc, Matt and Jeremy

  14. sounds like you had the most perfect 'chai' anniversary :)
    xo, marsha and jeff

  15. This last picture I have to say is the best one yet! You all look like a very happy family! Mazel Tov to you on your 18th anniversary. What a wonderful present you received....can't wait to see everyone in person...it seems like it has been so long...what an adventure! Safe travels home to all of you.
    Cheryl & Joe Stark

  16. oh, I am so very happy for you I am crying tears of joy as I write this! Your posted family picture is so amazing. Happy Happy Happy for you all! You were meant to be Orli's mommy and daddy. Of that there is NO question! Happy you were able to get her nap, but sleeping a full night??? You won't get that for many years...but, they go very quickly so appreciate it each time you walk to hall to her room in the middle of the night. I just can't say enough, how very happy I am for you! congratulations mommy and daddy! Parenting is the most precious and dear thing I can imagine being entrusted by G-d to do.
    from our hearts to all of yours! Jessica (and Jim and James and Natalie) Archambault


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