Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're on our way home

We're on our way home!

We survived the first leg of our trip, and right now we are in the Tokyo airport!  After a very early morning wake-up call, we flew out of Guangzhou, China at 9:00 a.m. and are connecting through Japan.

The past two days have been simultaneously long and a whirlwind.  On Wednesday we took our oath at the US Consulate.  On Thursday we toured around a bit on our own.

Although we were discouraged from leaving the island of Shamian, where our hotel was, we had island fever, so we disobeyed.  We took a ferry across the Pearl River, and it was a highly different experience.  On Shamian Island, every fourth person is carrying a baby that they are adopting.  Everyone is preparing their final paperwork for Citizenship and Immigration.  Once we stepped foot off the other side of the bridge, it was like they had never seen Westerners before.  The stares were thick, and everyone was a little dumbfounded by the Chinese baby in our arms.

On Thursday afternoon we received Orli's visa.  Outside of that, all we needed to do was get on the plane, which we are rather happy to say that we did.

The flight from China to Japan was…interesting.  Although this was actually Orli's second flight of the trip, the first one was short and she slept most of the way.  This one offered us a bit more chance to be the annoying couple on the plane with the screeching baby.  :)  With the generous help of  the two Chinese women behind us and one Japanese couple, Orli's crying was cut short, and like I said, we survived.  We were also in good company, since there were a few other adopted (and crying) babies on this flight.

Now it's time for the big leg home--10 hours from Tokyo to Los Angeles.  But for now, Orli is sitting in a large leather chair in the Admiral's Lounge, surrounded by businessmen who seem to be talking about very important things, and working on their laptops.   Meanwhile, she is working on her stacking cups and chewing on her stuffed monkey--but she does look very distinguished in the big leather chair,  :)

So as you read this (assuming you're not up at midnight), we are somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.  Thank you so much for joining us on this rather incredible journey of ours.  We'll continue to update the blog on a sporadic basis as our lives begin to take shape in Sunny Southern California.

Lots of love and blessings from Corey, Ted, and Orli Jia-Mei.


  1. YAY! You're coming home! Can't wait to see you!!

    Lauren M.

  2. I love the visual of Orli looking distinguished in the big leather chair. :)

    Thank you for so generously sharing this fantastic experience with all of us. It has been a delight. Now, Let The Games Begin!

    Michele and I are off on vacation, returning on the 12th, and seeing your FAMILY is on the top of our list upon our return.


    All of the Jackmans

  3. Welcome home! It was wonderful for you to share your experiences with me and I hope that I can always be part of your lives
    Shabbat Shalom-the first one for Orli in her new home with her Parents
    Love as always

  4. What an awesome and amazing journey you have been on. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Welcome home to the adventure of a lifetime.

    Ruth and Hal

  5. Welcome home! Thank you so much for sharing with us. We were smiling with you the whole way and now look forward to seeing the smiles in person!

    The Gordons

  6. YAY!!!!!!! We all all so happy for you coming home! And OF COURSE you will be here for Friday night services tonight, right?!?!?! LOL!
    Will be thinking of you tonight!
    Hannah and gang

  7. WELCOME HOME! We have so enjoyed sharing your incredible and wonderful experience. Thank you for letting us into you lives. I look forward to more episodes as your daughter Orli grows up to be a typical American Jewish girl! We look forward to the Baby naming ceremony! Can't wait to hold her...if you let us! MAZAL TOV!
    Love Susan and Larry Braun

  8. We Can't wait to see your beautiful daughter!
    Mazel Tov and much happiness!
    Jan & Allen Rosen

  9. There are so few words that can express the happiness and gratitude you all must be feeling. I am so very happy for your family. Orli seems adorable and very lucky to have you both as parents.

    Wishing you an easy and safe flight home. Can't wait to meet Orli.

    Thank you both for allowing us into your journey of parenthood.

    Lost of Love, Serena, Gil, Joshua & Jacob

  10. Shabbat Shalom - you're first in the U.S. with Orli!
    lots of good wishes,
    Aliza & Phyllis

  11. We're so excited to see you all safely at home! and we're honored that we were, in some small way, a part of this wonderful journey (the best part of your journey!).

    all our love to you three!
    Rikki, Madeline and Sophia

  12. Safe trip home. We can't wait to meet Orli and see her smiling face. But we know your faces will have bigger smiles. Welcome home The Riter FAMILY!

    Love, The Press Family

  13. Wow! December to remember, just like 18 years ago. Ilana looked over my shoulder as our hearts pounded with joy and happiness. She said you look so natural as a family. Mazel Tov. We look forward to greeting her in person. We love you and welcome your entire family HOME. Love, Ray/Ilana/Ely/Hannah/Shira.


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