Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Day

Family Day

Probably all we need to say is, "Wow…what a day." We'll add a little more, skipping the mundane for the bigger stuff, and then we'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (Though as a warning. . .China blocks direct access to Blogspot, Facebook, Verizon, and many other sites. So, we are emailing this with photo attachments, not knowing whether or not the text and photos are coming in correctly.)

This morning we met in a hotel conference room to fill out all sorts of paper work.  We also got a lesson on preparing a milk-rice bottle, bathing the babies, and a few other tips.  We took a tour of our new surroundings, including the Vegas-style mall that exists beneath the hotel, did some brief grocery shopping in a huge and rather interesting store. We could not believe all the unusual things sold in this grocery store. A fish even jumped out of his tank and landed a foot or so from Ted.

We had time for a quick lunch (we thought Pizza Hut sounded quick and basic enough--they serve some odd and wacky looking items at Chinese Pizza Huts!).

Our group of now six families met in the hotel lobby at 2:00 p.m. to walk over to the Municipality Office for Adoption building next door.  We were told that the babies may already be there, but that they would bring them out to us one baby at a time.  That wasn't exactly how it played out.

A few of us didn't fit into the first elevator ride up to the offices, and as we were waiting for the second elevator, up walked a Nanny with a baby who we immediately recognized as being the baby of the couple waiting with us.  We said, "That's your baby!"  We were very teary, watching the reality sink in that they were having a baby, and so were we!

Once on the upper floor of the building, we emerged from the elevator to a room full of babies!  Without a moment's hesitation, they started handing babies to everyone.  It was controlled chaos. We met at 2:00 in the hotel lobby, and by 2:10 we had our baby in our arms.

The rest of the day was spent sitting and playing with and being with Orli.  We took turns taking naps, (Orli wasn't interested).  We went to the congee restaurant and ordered a bowl (to go) for Orli--she ate 4 bites and that was it.  She wasn't so interested in her formula, sticky rice, or anything else that we tried. But now, after a bath, she is sleeping so sweetly in her footy pajamas. J

Our group leader tells us that there are three kinds of babies: Happy Baby, Crying Baby, and Serious Baby. So far, we are pretty certain that we got the Serious variety (with definite moments of happiness) but we already thought that from her earlier pictures.

We're exhausted both emotionally and physically. We'll try to figure out a way to post videos, but they may have to wait until our return.

Happy Birthday to Howley!

Good night.


  1. Wow! That is a 'seriously' beautiful little soul in your arms, and your eyes look SO happy and joyous! Mazel Tov on finally holding her in your arms!
    Lots of laughter ahead for everyone, Orli especially, and I cannot wait to hear it for myself floating through the courtyard of our temple and bringing grins to every face lucky enough to catch the sound of it!
    Hannah Gerber

  2. Mazel Tov!!! So incredibly happy for you both!! What a beautiful way to start my day to see these photos of your new family! A lovely thanksgiving week for sure!! Laura and Myron

  3. Mazel Tov!! We anxiously waited to see the wonderful pictures of the 3 of you together - AMAZING! Orli is beautiful - you all look wonderful together. Enjoy these "firsts" and we can not wait to meet Orli upon your return.
    Lots of love,
    Amy & Ron

  4. What an amazing looking family!!! :) <3 CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH HURRY HOME PLEASE!

  5. COREY!!!

    You three are so beautiful together!!!! I am seriously SOOOO happy for you both right now!!! AHHHH!!! I can't wait for you to be home so everyone will get to experience your guys' joy!!! I love you!!!

    Lauren M.

  6. MAZAL TOV...We were on a cruise ship this weekend and couldn't wait to get home to see your blog...and what a blog!! you both look so happy and baby Orli is soo beautiful...I am sure she won't be serious for long! She is so lucky to have both of you as her parents..We can't wait to meet her!
    Susan & Larry xx

  7. mazel tov to the riter family! what beautiful photos
    with you a very happy and healthy thanksgiving celebration
    thank you for sharing this wonderful story with our family
    hugs to all
    denise, emily, mark and hilary

  8. and...Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
    I am overwhelmed and quite emotional. I hear my own mother's voice saying, "they are going to hand you a baby just like they handed you to me, and you will have your daughter." Forever and for always.

  9. Mazal tov to the Riter family and mazal tov to the Grandparents on their new granddaughter!! The pictures speak to all of us!!!

  10. Ted&Corey: I felt a surge of pure happiness-seeing each one of you holding Orli close to your hearts and I saw the fullfilment in your eyes.
    Love to all three and a safe journey home
    Love Frances

  11. WOW! It's bashert, a beautiful family, and so filled with love, wonder and gratitude! We are overjoyed for you three, and can't wait to meet Miss Orli. With much love and Mazel Tov from all the Millers.....Rebecca

  12. Dear Corey and Ted,

    What better gift on your chai anniversary than the gift of life. That is, both the life that has been given you, and also the life you will be giving Orli. Who is most blessed may be up for debate, but I think the outcome will be an agreement that all three of you are so very blessed that it is a tie.

    Thank you for being so generous in your sharing of this incredible experience. As you know, it has brought great joy to me, Michele, and our entire community to be able to feel the special thrill and joy of this moment. We look forward to sharing many more blessing over the years with all three of you.

    And, although the list is certainly exceedingly long by now, put me on record as a volunteer babysitter!

    Love to Corey, Ted, and baby Orli,


  13. Corey and Ted,
    Congrats on being able to see and hold the baby that you have been waiting to call your own! Just looking at the pictures and reading the words that you have typed below them gives me chills! Aaron and I are so excited for both of you! Can't wait to see many more photos of Orli and maybe we can come up and meet her in the near future!
    How fitting that just before your 18th anniversary, you are being given a new life to enjoy and influence. Orli is one lucky baby to have both of you as her parents! I am jealous that she gets you both as parents. You are going to be great parents and she does not know how lucky she is!

    Congrats again!


    Genna and Aaron

  14. Hi Orli!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of RKs! Just remember, we are here for you whenever you need us. :) With love from your colleagues and friends,
    Jacob, Neddy and Sara

  15. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Orli looks so comfortable in your arms. We're looking forward to your return.

    Richard & Patti

  16. Congrats! She's beautiful! Enjoy getting to know each other.

    -Kelly (Strawberry Shortcake)

  17. I'm sitting in front of the computer crying. I'm so happy for you.
    --Jenny K.

  18. What a beautiful family! I'm soooo happy for you! I can't even imagine the range of emotions you are feeling right now, but I know for sure, one of them is overflowing gratitude that this day has finally come! Serious or not, she is adorable, and will bring you years of joy!

    Can't wait to see you, and to meet her,

    Diane Darling

  19. SEE, I told you that Orli would not stay serious for too long, having you as her parents! What a lovely smile she has! She must be so happy now being smothered with your love, which I am sure she has never received before. We can't wait to meet her. Happy Thanksgiving...
    Love Susan & Larry B

  20. Happy Turkey Day to the Riter clan!!!!

    Carrie G.

  21. Beautiful, Smiling, Family..
    Mazel Tov
    Jodye, Joel and Ezra


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