Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hong Kong to Chongqing

This morning we slept in--no major tossing and turning until after 6 a.m.

We joined the entire group downstairs in our hotel for breakfast.  Half of us had a pretty good appetite.  The other half not so much, because they were going directly to the airport and getting on an airplane to fly to Nanchang, where they met their babies this afternoon!  We won't meet Orli until tomorrow afternoon.

As I type this, we are on Air China flight #420 to Chongqing!  Tomorrow morning we wake up in a new city in mainland China.

But first, our last day in Hong Kong.  Pretty laid back.  Ted figured out how to download and post video to our blog.  If you didn't notice, we posted our first one below.  It took some major work to get it to work, but it was a winner!  Tomorrow we will hopefully post video of Orli!

We did a little more shopping in Kowloon, we ate lunch at Genki Sushi, and we toured the East Asian Sports Games festival that happened to be in the plaza outside of our hotel.  You have never seen jump ropers like the jump ropers we saw today!

Then it was onto a bus, to the airport, and here I sit, typing from row 25 seats A and B.  We land in about an hour, and after we get to the hotel we'll write more.

Time for part two.

Anita (Wang Sam) met us at the Chongqing airport, and via bus we all came to our hotel (more about that in a minute).  She is very cute, and gave us the low-down for the entire week.  During the bus ride, she went over all of the items included in individual packets that she had prepared for us.  She got to the part about our name tags, and showed us that there was Chinese on that backside.  The Chinese is for the benefit of all of the locals who will stop us, and it says that we are adopting this little girl, and that we love her very much and promise to take very good care of her.  Those were the first tears that came to my eyes.

We got to the hotel and were all dumbstruck.  This is one hell of a hotel.  It is absolutely beautiful, and looking out our panoramic windows we feel like we're in Manhattan.  Chongqing is a huge and modern city--Ted read that it is actually the largest metropolitan area in the world (32 million people).  I think the entire city is outside of our hotel window--a steady stream of honking traffic, neon lights on all the sky scrapers, blaring opera coming from somewhere, a fountain on the grounds that reminds me of the Bellagio, and. a. stunning. room.

So here comes the part about the second tears for the evening.  We walk into the room, and as soon as we get over how amazing it is, we see the crib next to our bed.  Aaahhhh..the second tears of plenty to come in the next 24 hours.  I see Ted has put the stuffed monkey toy we brought (remember the one Buffy?) in her crib on the pillow.

So here's the part you are waiting for.  Tomorrow we wake up, have breakfast (unless we become the ones without an appetite) and meet all together to fill out some paperwork.  Then in the afternoon we walk to the Vegas-style sky scraper next door, and we will finally meet Orli!!!

Since that is what we are all waiting for, I'll just say good night for now from us, and good morning to you.

Thanks again for following us along our journey.  I think it's about to get really, really exciting tomorrow!

xo-c and t


  1. Part two, first para, SECOND tears from Grandma -- FIRST were when I saw the photo of the crib in the hotel room. It REALLY IS HAPPENING!!!!

  2. Lisa and I are thinking of you guys and grinning ear to ear. Reading your blog reminded us of when we brought Janna home. No Drs. around, just the three of us. Exciting, scary, surreal, joy... Be in the moment, (as if you couldn't). xoxoxo Ken and Lisa Bock

  3. Seeing the picture of the crib was wonderful! We're all looking forward to seeing the happy family tomorrow!
    Rikki, Madeline and Sophia

  4. We are so excited for you...hanging on your every word and can not wait to hear how your family reuinion goes tomorrow....lots of good wishes and love from us to you.

    Amy, ron, Emma & Zoe Ballen

  5. ...I'm here watching Spongebob with Leah on Sunday morning and she is wondering why I'm crying! Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Ted and Corey -- Davee sent me your link. Vince , Gabi and I send you warm wishes for joyous lifetime together with Orli. Maeera

  7. OMG! Howard and I were both saying, "aaahhh" when we saw the picture of the crib. We are so anxious with you. Every few hours we look at the clock and count down how much longer before Orli is in your arms. It is great reading how wonderful the agency is treating you guys. Can't wait till we wake up tomorrow and see photos of The Riter FAMILY!
    Love, Ellen and Howard

  8. We are so excited for you, that crib photo got us, we are all in tears over here!!!!
    You mean there's another 'Genki Sushi' aside from the one on Westlake Village?!?!? Who knew!?

    We are so happy to be a part of your lives at such a wonderful time and look forewaord to knowing your child as she grows.Perhaps Audrey will someday be a babysitter for this most precious of gifts!

  9. We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet Orli! We will be thinking about you tomorrow and look forward to the first pictures of all of you together.

    Seth, Cindy and Madeline Mendelsohn

  10. I defy anyone to read this blog without tears streaming down their face!!
    I am bursting with excitement for you, Riters.
    Love, love,

  11. The Rosen Family cannot wait to hear the news and see the joy on your faces and in your eyes.

    I am sure I will account for at least 100 hits on this blog tomorrow...

    With much love and much happiness from our family to your soon to be family of three!!!!

    Jan, Allen, Josh, Ben & Daniel

  12. We've read through your blog posts together and are so happy for you both! What an exciting time in your lives and one that will forever remain with you. Can't wait to see your next posting (if you actually find the time to do it!). Enjoy every moment to come.

    Melanie & Howard

  13. I'm going to stay up all night so that I can greet STELLA!!!! first thing in the morning. I'm too excited to sleep. Love and kisses to all.

  14. Congrats on getting to go and pick up Orli! I was catching up on your blog as I had not looked in awhile and I realized that you both were probably already with Orli right now! It is Sunday at 9:30 pm here, but the clock on the page says that it is 1:30 pm in China right now! Aaron and I are so excited for both of you and cannot wait to see the photos that will be posted of your new family of 3! We areso exicted for both of you and are so extatic that you both are getting to live your dream of having a baby!


    Genna and Aaron

  15. Love you both very much... looking forward to tomorrow's entry, video and first glimpse of Orli!


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