Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday in Hong Kong

First, Melatonin is the BEST!  We slept (on-and-off) the entire night, but ended up getting enough sleep that we made it through the whole day without a nap.  By tomorrow, we should be fully acclimated to our new time zone.

We spent the day walking all over Kowloon--at the southern tip of Hong Kong.  The strange thing is that it really doesn’t feel all that much like we are in a foreign country.  Our thought is that we’ve had so many trips to China Towns in Los Angeles and  San Francisco that it kinda feels the same.

We started the day off with an adventurous restaurant where we were the only gringos.  We asked if they served breakfast, and they said yes.  But when we saw what everyone else was eating for breakfast we noticed it wasn’t exactly our idea of a first meal of the day--bowls of noodles with lots of interesting looking meats and seafoods, and all sorts of other unidentifiable platefuls.  We did find some less scary items.

Then we were off to explore.  We stopped along the route at Sam the Tailors where Ted was fitted for a custom suit.

Then we took the Metro to another area of Kowloon to see the Goldfish Markets.  Goldfish are considered lucky in Hong Kong.  Bags and tanks, and more bags and tanks of goldfish  fill the stores several blocks long.  This isn’t to mention the turtles, lizards and bunnies (all for pets, not for consumption).  In light of our blog name, we found it only fitting to visit the Goldfish Row.

Lunch was in a Cantonese locals’ restaurant.  It was delicious, and we recognized at least everything on our own plates, even if our neighbors’ choices seemed a little less familiar.

We visited a department store that had floors for sculpture, paintings, shmatas, calligraphy, and tea!  No purchases, but interesting to see.

A brief moment back at the hotel allowed us to recharge, and then we were off once again.  Ted had his first fitting for his suit.  Then we were haggled off the street to go to eat dinner at an Indian restaurant, which was pretty good.

Lots of people line the streets and sidewalks, and every few seconds someone is offering a flyer for 50% off something, or a deal on something else.  Jan, you will be so happy to hear that I have not yet purchased the “copy” Uggs that I saw--they were only like $40!!!  But they did have the Uggs label!  We were offered “copy” watches and handbags too.

OK, that was our day today.  Oh yeah--we saw a lot of other American-looking couples  (we’re thinking they are with our agency) checking into the hotel tonight.  We’ll meet them in the lobby tomorrow morning and we all go together on several tours.

That’s all the news for tonight.
Shabbat Shalom!


  1. wow wow wow
    praying for your journey

  2. Sounds like you're having a great experience. See any sidewalk dentists yet?

  3. Hey guys-

    I just logged on to your site. Great blog! I can't wait until to meet your beautiful daughter.
    Love from Joel Estroti

  4. Grandma & WooWooNovember 20, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    Just Skyped with Corey and Ted!! It is 6 PM here in Galveston but it is morning there in Hong Kong. They are about to go meet some more of the couples in their group and go see some stuff. It was just great to see them on the screen. We got to see their hotel room and even the folks out the window below doing Tai Chi in the park below. How exciting!!!!
    Orli's Grandma and WooWoo

  5. So glad to see you made it safely-looking forward to following your journey! :), Lisa Freeman

  6. Hi Guys,

    So great to share your experiences. Orli is a beautiful and lucky girl. We are looking forward to seeing the Riter mishpacha! Shabbat shalom.

    Richard and Patti

  7. I love following your blog. Your photos are great especially the fish in the bag. It reminds me of all the pigeons that are for sale as pets in Madrid. The photo of Ted getting fitted for a suit is also a great one. Can't wait to read your next write up. I will show the blog to Howard tonight.

    Love, Ellen

  8. thank you for sharing your story and photos - loved the goldfish - yes they are very lucky for your family! looking forward to seeing the entire family together soon - much hugs from carlsbad - the ross family - denise, mark, emily and hilary

  9. Glad to see you made it there and are enjoying your time in HK...wishing you continued safe and enjoyable journeys!

    -Kelly, aka Strawberry Shortcake

  10. how wonderful to hear your trip is off to a wonderful start....checking daily to hear more!

    love and hugs from the Fayne girls!

  11. There is so much joy in these photos! love corey jumping on the bridge. Thank you for sharing these moments.


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