Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday in Hong Kong

Well, other than waking up at 5:30 this morning, I think we did enough go-go-going to earn our exhaustion.

This morning we had breakfast in our hotel.  Members of a Japanese band and their groupies were there (OK, we don‘t really know if they were in a band, but Hong Kong is so fashion forward that they appeared to be famous.)  There were a lot of other Japanese tourists… and then there was us.  “Us” consisted of about 14 couples from all across America, and we were all more than easy to spot.  It became pretty obvious that if we saw an American couple, they must be with our adoption group.  And so they all were.

After eating and schmoozing a little, we all got on a bus and started touring Hong Kong with our guide, Matthew.  We first went to Victoria Peak, where we enjoyed beautiful but very chilly, on-high views of all of Hong Kong and its surrounding waters.

We also toured Aberdeen fishing village, where we rode in a Sampan boat for an up-close tour of the local fishermen’s house boats and the South side of Hong Kong Island.

Then it was back on the bus, and then off again at a fancy jewelry factory and store where very few of us actually bought anything.  However, the jewelry factory was not a total loss.  I accidentally left my glasses in the bus, and therefore had my sunglasses on, and Ben, one of the salesmen said to me, “I know where you’re from!”  I said, “Huh?” and he said “I know where you’re from--it’s CANADA, right?  He seemed rather surprised  to find out I was from California, and then he said he had thought I was Celine Dion.  He was disappointed, but probably not as disappointed as when I didn’t buy any fancy jewelry.

One last stop on our tour was Stanley Market--an outdoor marketplace with a gazillion stalls filled to the brim with all the stuff you never knew you needed.  I bought a genuine and 100% pashmina scarf, which for 7 dollars I’m assuming wasn’t so genuine or so 100%, but hey--it will keep my neck warm in Chongqing!

From shopping, we went to eating.  As a group. We had lunch at a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant.  We sat with all of the couples who are going to the same region of China as we are, and it was nice to talk to everyone whom we will be with for the next 2 weeks.  There are three of us who were matched with babies from the same orphanage.

Our afternoon was spent at the second fitting for Ted’s suit (which is a beautiful suit), walking around the shopping area, people-watching on the plaza  by our  hotel, and then dinner--Thai food.  Then we were off to see this “amazing laser light show” that started at 8 p.m.  Music came from everywhere, and then the skyscrapers across the harbor began to light up.  It wasn’t as exciting as we had hoped, so we decided to go check out an interesting looking Asian foods store, where we were tempted to put one of everything into a bag to bring home to Miss Meredith.

We’ll do a bit more sight-seeing in Hong Kong tomorrow--maybe a museum and maybe a bit more shopping.  Then in the afternoon we head to the airport to fly to Chongqing, where on Monday we will meet our Orli!

I think it is getting less surreal by the day.


  1. still get chills hearing all about this journey you are on! our hearts are with you while we wait to see pictures of you with your beautiful Orli!

    Rikki, Madeline and Sophia

  2. We all missed you and thought of you last night at services!
    Hannah, Larry and Audrey

  3. A straw poll of your Mussar students came to the conclusion that this does not qualify as journaling. Nevertheless, please, please continue to take us all along with you on this amazing journey. All your Torah study partners send their love and are anxious to see a picture of you and Orli.
    Thank you for the generosity of spirit in including us in your adventure.


    Richard and Michele

  4. We are so enjoying your posts, but your photos are magic! Your faces are a reflection of the overflowing love and joy in your hearts.
    Thinking of you on this magical journey and looking forward to seeing you with your beautiful daughter.
    Aliza and Phyllis


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